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Image by Shannon Tofts

I aim to create adventurous jewellery that captures the imagination whilst being a refined and aesthetically pleasing object to wear.


I am excited by the idea of jewellery as being a transportable, mini sculpture of artistic or personal statement that can be exhibited publicly outside a traditional gallery or art space.


My jewellery is inspired by my family history, set in the industrial past of north east England.


By practising psychogeography, I explore the world around me but am particularly drawn to architecture and machinery. I develop my ideas through sketchbook work, found objects, etching, laser cutting and model making. I also experiment with different materials such as copper, silver, brass, leather, acrylic and wood.


The Covid-19 pandemic resulted in me being furloughed from my day job for three months. I embraced this time by learning various CAD software, learning about 3D printing and studying gemstones.


By combining traditional making techniques with cutting-edge technology, I can create ambitious designs with a wide range of materials, as well as fulfilling a zero waste ethos.


Through sympathetic use of gemstones, I aim to create the illusion of movement in my jewellery. It is important to me that all stones are responsibly sourced or synthetic alternatives.

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