Image by Shannon Tofts

This body of work is a continuation of my previous reflections that chaos is a part of life that cannot be avoided (‘Within chaos, there is calm’, 2020). However, rather than regeneration and growth being stifled by the chaos surrounding it, this work expresses the transience of chaos. Over time, there is always a space created for reflection and growth before the next challenge comes along. I have continued with the colour green in this body of work, reflecting the Chinese belief that green expresses harmony, growth, regeneration, and hope, following a period of my life when I lived there. Rather than use a traditional method of colouring metal such as enamelling or using a patina, I have used graffiti paint. Graffiti and street art is a form of personal and social expression I have always gravitated towards regardless of the city or country within which I find myself. It can tell the story of a community and be both unique and personal to the artist or share a common belief.

Audrey has been offered unconditional offers and direct entry into 2nd year of the Jewellery and Metalsmith Degree courses at Dundee University and Glasgow School of Art.