Students in the Jewellery Studio


Design and making, whilst being a distraction from pain and anxiety, can offer respite from mental ill health. At SilverHub, we believe that the act of making has the power to empower, transform and change lives. As an organisation, we aim to provide education, training and creative support to individuals who wish to develop their skills in jewellery design.


Through the core business model, SilverHub has funded pilot courses, individuals, community development and socially engaged craft and design projects.​ The fees paid by both the resident artists and the students who attend our classes help to fund our community development and socially engaged projects within the wider community. Through evaluation it was identified that design and making enabled our participants to develop new friendships; reduce stress and anxiety; raise self-esteem and confidence; see the possibility of new opportunities; and develop transferable life skills.


Lisa Arnott and Jessica Howarth, as artist-jewellers, have received funding from Creative Scotland's Open Project Fund to undertake a socially engaged research project from December 2020. 


Building on their experience of craft/arts-based socially engaged, community development projects and creating access to craft, this project will enable Lisa and Jess to collaborate with the communities of North Edinburgh (Muirhouse) and South Edinburgh (Dumbiedykes) in partnership with North Edinburgh Arts and Womanzone.

Students Holding Rings

  • We provided 3 making taster workshops with the Young Careers Project

  • We collaborated with Veterans First to provide supported training in design enabling the participant to develop their own craft business

  • In partnership with COMAS, SilverHub developed a ten-week project for adults recovering from addictions 

  • In partnership with North Edinburgh Arts, SilverHub developed a course and set up a community workshop which enabled local women recovering from mental ill health to develop their self-confidence and skills within jewellery design. This model was presented at the Artist as Teacher Conference

  • We provided a taster workshop for adults recovering from addictions 

  • As part of a partnership with Craigroyston Community High School, we provided the inspiring lives project which introduced young people to contemporary design. This enabled them to develop skills in design and making, work with contemporary artists and create work which celebrated the achievements of their community