Lisa Arnott :: Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art Lisa has had a successful career working as a professional artist and arts manager within the arts and cultural industries in Scotland and Australia. With over 13 year’s extensive experience as a trained educator and Lisa has taught within further education and community settings. In 2003 Lisa moved to Melbourne Australia and was encouraged by Jewellery Designer Mari Funaki to pursue her dream and become a jewellery artist. Lisa sought out further training at North Melbourne Institute of Technology and worked under Australian jeweller Belinda Newark.

In 2005 Lisa began her new career as a professional jewellery artist when her jewellery was successfully selected for the BUDA Contemporary Jewellery and Metalsmith Exhibition, Australia. Inspired by Australian jewellery studios like The Jam Factory in Adelaide, MetaLab in Sydney and Pieces of Eight in Melbourne Lisa’s dream was to establish a collective jewellery studio back home in Edinburgh.

In 2008 she returned to Scotland and established her own workshop at the WASP in Dalry Edinburgh. In 2009 her work was exhibited at Visual Arts Scotland, Aberdeen Arts Society and her work can be found in various galleries throughout the UK. In 2010 Lisa began teaching for the Edinburgh City Council adult education and undertook a variety of private and community outreach jewellery teaching workshops. In May 2011 with the support and encouragement from friends and family Lisa successfully opened SilverHub Studios.

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