Lisa is a jeweller, enamel artist, educator and researcher.  As a jeweller and artist, drawing, creating collages, material testing and making are all important aspect in the production of the contemporary jewellery she creates.  Her aim is to create wearable sculptural objects which hark back to the post-industrial age whilst responding to the urban environment in which she lives.  


She has a BA Honours degree in Fine Art from Edinburgh College of Art and a MFA (with outstanding distinction) in Design, Jewellery and Metalwork from Sheffield Hallam University. 


Lisa’s interests include the use of innovative enamelling techniques, etching, printing and upcycling industrial waste materials. As a jeweller, her practice focuses towards exhibitions, commissions, research project and enabling people to discover their creativity.

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Jessica Howarth is an artist jeweller. After graduating with 1st Class Honours in Jewellery and Metal Design from the University of Dundee in 2011, she set up her own creative practice.  She has exhibited both locally and nationally and has received several awards including the Visual Artists and Craft Makers Award from Edinburgh City Council and Creative Scotland in 2017.

Jessica’s work is inspired by pattern, colour and mark making found within the journeys she has undertaken.  She specialises in vitreous enamelling as she enjoys colour in her work.

Alongside teaching and her own studio practice, Jessica recently graduated with MEd (with distinction) in Adult Education, Community Development and Youth Work from the University of Glasgow.

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Carolyn Kinnaird graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2011 with a BA in Design and Applied Arts. She then spent time travelling around the world, returning to Edinburgh in 2016 from Melbourne, Australia, where she held a residency at NorthCity4 studios and was an assistant to Melbourne based jewellery designer Vicki Mason.

Kinnaird Jewellery combines inspiration from her travels, particularly through countries such as Peru, Morocco and Vietnam. Here, Carolyn was captured by the scale of tribal styles of jewellery and by the intricate detail attributed to traditional tribal tattooing.

Through Carolyn's innate contemporary style and vision, Kinnaird Jewellery realises the influence of these tribal idiosyncrasies on her work through the creation of uniquely bold, yet simplistic forms.

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Ann’s work expresses her interest in materials and how they behave.  Her PhD was in ceramics but her current work focuses on the structure, properties and behaviours of metals to create jewellery.


She enjoys seeing the transformation of a flat sheet of metal or a length of wire into something beautiful and wearable.  Her inspiration is from physical aspects of the natural environment.


She was thrilled when her Moebius necklace was accepted for the Visual Arts Scotland exhibition at the Royal Scottish Academy in 2018.

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Sheila was born in Crail, Fife.  She originally studied textile design at the Glasgow School of Art and these strong elements of textile, colour and drawing inspire her current design work.  Following Glasgow she studied Metalwork at the Royal College of Art and accumulated many metalwork and engraving skills. In her enamel pieces she combines several traditional enamel techniques such as cloisonne, bassetaille and painting enamel which allow her to approach her silver pieces in a painterly way working with colours:  bold and bright, or subtle with fine layers of transparent enamels over gold and silver foil.                                                                                                                                                     

Her jewellery collections combine precious metal with enamel and semi-precious stones.  Her work is in several private collections and in the Goldsmiths Company collection.  She teaches at West Dean College, Chichester.

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Since graduating from Edinburgh College of Art in 2006 Sarah has combined her jewellery work with roles within arts administration.

Her work is concerned with an enjoyment of exploring materials and colour. She rarely produces the same piece twice, preferring instead to work more spontaneously with materials including precious metals, wood, and semi-precious beads and stones.


She is inspired by urban environments and the small details, found materials, structures and patterns that can be discovered in unexpected places.  While certain patterns, techniques and motifs recur in her work, she treats each piece as a small sketch in materials, using processes such as saw piercing, wire work and mixed materials, and lets each one develop its own micro-personality.

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Nicola Turnbull is a jeweller, artist and silversmith. She makes elegant articulating jewellery with enamel and ethically sourced precious metals. Her concentric designs are informed by weather, movement and the mathematical patterns of the natural world.  Nicola is focussing on an artistic exploration of the Scottish landscape, inspired by her participation in a boat building art residency with the Archipelago Folk School on the Isle of Mull.


Nicola is part of the Element47 collective, who exhibited in August 2019 at Bloc Gallery with their show Adfectus. Other exhibition highlights include the Craft Scotland Summer Show, Selected at the Dovecot, and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. She graduated from Gray’s School of Art, Aberdeen in Three Dimensional Design in 2007 and went on to complete a year's study at Bishopsland Postgraduate Training Course for Silversmiths and Jewellers, Reading. 

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Portrait Image by Joe Thomas