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Look After No. 1

Silver and Glass

Image by Shannon Tofts

My creative/design process is guided and influenced by my scientific mind, meditative practice, reflective writing and spiritual journey.


My exhibited work is a representation of my own inner journey through the landscape of felt emotional response, connection with my heart and lessons learned. 


Each jewellery piece/wearable object is conceptual in nature allowing me to share my story and intuitive insights I have gained throughout my experiences. The founding emotions and themes in my work have included fear, courage, acceptance, surrender, trust, love, consciousness, and healing.


My reflective practice is documented in my Art Journals which supports my freedom to work spontaneously, driven by moments of inspiration and guidance.  This further supports my natural sense of curiosity, openness and playfulness that I try to incorporate into my work. 


I hope that my pieces inspire others and facilitate a deeper connection for the observer.


This year I was delighted to receive unconditional offers to attend the BA Degree Jewellery and Silversmithing course at Glasgow School of Art and Dundee University.

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