Application and Interview

As part of the application and interview process, we want to find out more about who you are and what you are interested in visually, culturally and aesthetically. To help this process and to prepare yourself, please spend some time reflecting on the questions below. These questions can also be used to help you reflect on the application form questions and interview.


The interview will be no more that 45 minutes and will be with Lisa Arnott and Jessica Howarth. It is meant to be a relaxing experience, a bit of a chat over a cup of tea and a chance for you to talk about your journey as a maker. You do not have to create a portfolio and bringing your work in a shoebox is okay!


For your interview you will be asked to bring with you:


• Jewellery you have made to date

• Any notebooks, doodles, drawings, sketches

• Any experiments and samples you have created

At the interview you will be asked to reflect on your journey as a maker. Be prepared to talk about:


• Your journey to becoming a maker 

• Why you want to make

• Your favourite piece of jewellery that you have made to date and what you learned from making it

• Your least favourite piece of jewellery you have made and what you learned from making it

• What you have achieved with your making

• What you hope to achieve by attending this course

• Where you see yourself in five years

• An exhibition you visited (not jewellery!) and what you got out of seeing the work - what you liked or disliked about it