Now more than ever, we are determined to spread positivity, provide encouragement and support our community of makers. While replicating the buzz of our studios will be a difficult task, we are so glad that you have decided to join us in our journey to creating a new, online space.

In the coming weeks, we would love to use this space to feature our students and jewellers in residence and their work. We are putting a call out for submissions so if you are interested in sharing how you are keeping yourself busy, please do get in touch! 

We believe that there is so much value in any sort of making - whether that’s jewellery making, knitting, baking a cake or gardening! We know that not everyone has space to make jewellery at home but already we have seen so many homely, make-shift workbenches.  It's amazing what you can do with the things you have around you and we feel so excited by the possibilities. We are sure that any sort of dedicated space will bring lots of creativity.

Rosanna, a student on our One Year Course, spent some time clearing out her parents garage and now has a great space to make jewellery!

Nicola, one of our day class students, has adapted her stained glass bench into a jewellery bench.  Jess, SilverHub tutor and Jeweller in Residence, is all set up at home too.

We have also completely embraced Zoom! Isolation does not mean that we can't see each other.

We had our first online group tutorials and it was lovely to see our One Year Foundation course students on Friday and our Day and Evening class students last Wednesday. We shared lots of ideas and positivity for the future.

We have used Zoom to set up weekly social gatherings too. This is so important to our community in the studio and so many creative ideas come to fruition over a cuppa in our studio kitchen. We have created this space online via Zoom, as well as the weekly "Abbeymount Studio Bar" for all of our studio neighbours.

As we all work from home, we think it will be lovely to send out regular emails to touch base and keep up to date with everyone. If you are interested in joining us, click here.

Let's make the most of this!