This week, we would like to introduce one-year foundation student: Adam Taylor.

With a background in painting and printmaking, Adam is excited by the idea of using jewellery – something he so wonderfully describes as “a transportable, mini sculpture of artistic or personal statement” – to exhibit out with a traditional gallery context. After learning the basics over the course of several evening and weekend classes, Adam has embraced the opportunity to focus on research and design development on our one-year foundation course. His dedication and hard work have resulted in unconditional offers to degree-level studies at a variety of higher education institutions. Congratulations Adam!

"Since August of last year, I have been studying at SilverHub Jewellery School in Edinburgh. The course encourages students to carry out extensive research to achieve a very personal making practice."

Adam’s work takes inspiration from his family history in industrial England and from his childhood memories of rural Scotland. Employing a narrative approach, Adam has taken advantage of modern technology (laser cutting, laser etching and digital software) to assist with the making process - all the while considering colour, texture and composition.

Pieces from Adam's portfolio - including design research, drawings and samples - dedicated to the experiences of his Grandad: a miner at Eccles Pit.

To see more of Adam's work, follow him on Instagram