Updated: May 15, 2020

This week, we would like to introduce one of our Jewellers in Residence: the lovely, Sheila McDonald.

Sheila was born in Crail, Fife.  She originally studied textile design at the Glasgow School of Art and these strong elements of textile, colour and drawing inspire her current design work.  Following Glasgow, she studied Metalwork at the Royal College of Art and accumulated many metalwork and engraving skills.She currently teaches at West Dean College in Chichester and has been a Jeweller in Residence at SilverHub Studios since 2019.

Feather Brooches (2018) and Feather Vase

In her enamel pieces she combines several traditional enamel techniques such as cloisonne, bassetaille and painting enamel which allow her to approach her silver pieces in a painterly way working with colours:  bold and bright, or subtle with fine layers of transparent enamels over gold and silver foil.          

Her jewellery collections combine precious metal with enamel and semi-precious stones.  Her work is in several private collections and in the Goldsmiths Company collection.  

To see more of Sheila's work, follow her on Instagram or visit her website

 Sheila approaches her silver pieces in a painterly way.