As an organisation, artistic and design progression is paramount. Our one-year foundation course specifically sets out to enable students to gain an understanding of how to develop as a designer, maker and artist. Our course builds on traditional silversmithing and design skills, enabling students to develop their technical skills and jewellery design practice with confidence.

With a strong emphasis on research, design, making and original thinking, our course enables students to find their own visual language. We compliment guidance and structured learning from practicing designers with self-directed work, where students are encouraged to hone their drawing, design and making skills through experimentation. Upon completion of this course, students exhibit their work in the annual student exhibition. This provides the opportunity to prepare individuals for the next part of their creative journey.

This year's students at Schmuck (the international contemporary art jewellery expo) in  Munich, Germany. This  yearly trip provides the opportunity to create and develop European networks.

Whether you are preparing for higher education; want to create a unique jewellery collection; or are looking to find your creative voice, SilverHub Jewellery School will help you to take the next steps into the world of jewellery design. 

If you are interested in our one-year foundation course, you can find out more here