As an organisation, we believe that community is not just what happens within the walls of our studios and teaching workshop. It is how we connect with our wider local and global community.

Our education team are not only successful jewellery designers but are also trained within community development. Their strong artistic practice, combined with their understanding that making is for everyone, ensures that SilverHub's socially engaged practice involves people and communities in debate, collaboration and social interaction.

Over the last ten years, SilverHub has collaborated with a variety of charities and organisations to enable members of our communities -who would otherwise not have access to craft- to learn how to design and make jewellery. Through the fees from our day and evening class students, we have also been able to support our own community projects.

Community workshop in Muirhouse, Edinburgh where participants learned to make rings

Locally, our socially engaged projects have supported a number of individuals and communities, often through outreach education program or workshops. We have worked within the BME communities, supported people recovering from addictions and worked with young people. Key to those projects have been enabling people to be empowered. Our informal learning supports their personal development, wellbeing and transferable skills that can be used within their everyday lives. On a global level, our one-year foundation students are currently taking part in the ethical metalsmith project, Academics in a Pandemic, and our Jewellers in Residence are involved in the Hand Medals project. Both projects are bringing jewellers and the community of makers together, in solidarity, during the CV19 pandemic. Community is about how we support each other. As we move forward in our new world, we look forward to re-connecting with our community of jewellers, students and residents in our studios.