As many of you will be aware, this time of year is traditionally the start of the Scottish Degree Shows. Alongside most businesses, organisations and institutions, the art schools are closed and have had to adapt during the past few months. 

Last week, Glasgow School of Art opened its online show where you can see the beautiful work of all of this years graduates. Amongst those showcasing their work is Alaitz Gavilan, who was a SilverHub Artist in Residence. 

Alaitz wearing her amazing work and samples of future badges made of enamel on steel and brass, titled Hearts on Fire

"I am a visual artist, originally from Barcelona and now living and working in Glasgow. When I first moved to Scotland 5 years ago, I started as an Artist in Residence in SilverHub Studios. This enabled me to gain confidence as a professional.

I utilise jewellery making as my main form of expression, although I rely on other self-taught artistic practices, like illustration and collage, to present my work. As a recent graduate, the Covid-19 Pandemic has had an enormous impact on my career. As the Glasgow School of Art facilities were closed my final year collection remains unfinished, and it is still uncertain when we will be able to go back.  However, the series of objects designed for my collection derives its meanings from social movements. It reflects the idea that the fundamental rights we take for granted today have all been achieved by public protests and demonstrations on the streets, and very often with violence involved."

SilverHub sends a huge congratulations to all the students graduating but particularly those from the Silversmithing and Jewellery Department. We wish them all the best as they take their steps in this new world. Show your support by clicking here and taking a look!

Keep your eye out as other institutions launch their digital showcases in the coming weeks!