Audrey Jack is a social entrepreneur and founder of Six Degrees Boutique - a globally sourced retail platform selling fair trade and handmade items directly from the artisans that craft them. She is currently a student on our one-year foundation course.

Audrey's at home work bench and her silver and brass encasement brooch within her 'Chaos and Calm' Collection.

"I have only started my journey in creative expression through the art of jewellery, and SilverHub has been an integral part of it. This course has opened up a whole new world to me but the road has not been easy.

According to author, Joseph C Pearce, To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong”. This has been the most difficult part of my journey and has led to many tearful moments which have ultimately led to a clearer and freer way of thinking and made me more open to the process of creating.

This course is only the first of many steps to help me achieve clarity in creating my stamp in my own commercial jewellery incorporating my personal ethos of fair trade, up-cycling, and sustainability whilst trying to put a contemporary spin on ethnic and cultural jewellery from around the globe.

The collection I am creating for this course is a personal reflection on my journey over the last 3 years, both personally and professionally. It tries to express both the chaos and calm that is part of everyday life, and a need to try and stay balanced, calm, and centred when you have no control of what goes on around you." To see more of Audrey's beautiful work and follow her creative journey, follow her on Instagram