Carolyn is an Executive Coach and NLP trainer who first came to SilverHub on an introductory course that was gifted to her from her husband. She has continued to join our evening classes ever since, finding her 'yoga' in jewellery making.

Carolyn in the studio last term

"There’s nothing quite like hammering a piece of metal with a lump hammer or melting solder with a blow torch to melt away the stresses – in my opinion."

"That Introductory course at SilverHub was an out of this world experience and each element was an individual and connected learning experience. I loved it, for me it was so much fun, and I created something beyond what I thought I was capable of."

Carolyn's first necklace inspired by the solar system

Carolyn has shared her experience of making her first piece in the SilverHub studio in her own blogpost: An out of this world experience. We recommend giving it read!