Catherine is a daytime student at SilverHub. She has beautifully expressed how being in the studio has impacted her.

Some of Catherine's lovely work.

“My knowledge about silversmithing in November 2017 would have left room on the back of a postage stamp. Now, I can wield a saw with some aplomb, talk lengthily about bezels and lose myself completely in a tools’ catalogue. All of this can be attributed to classes at SilverHub which achieve a magical balance of stimulation and relaxation; simultaneously cultivating blissful diversion and total focus. From the creative heights of enamelling and etching to the bread-and-butter activities of filing and soldering – it’s all challenging, fascinating and profoundly therapeutic. Since my first faltering steps into this new territory, I have felt supported, encouraged and stretched; we all work at our own pace and create an individual story of our own whilst sharing ideas and experiences. My story now involves a bench at home and enough skills and confidence to be working on a collection. All of this has furnished me with a sense of purpose, calm and achievement which have been nothing short of life changing.”