Elaine Petrie is an alumni of SilverHub and the designer and maker behind Antonine Silver. Alongside crafting beautiful, one-of-a-kind pieces, Elaine continues to encourage the spread of creativity and design through one-off workshop sessions. 

Elaine at the Antonine Silver bench.

"My introduction to silver working came in 2012 when I signed up for a weekly evening class with SilverHub Studios, then in Leith Walk. I was impressed by the studio layout and the friendly atmosphere. It felt like a traditional craft way to learn, side by side with a working jeweller. Lisa ensured that her students understood design principles as well as the necessary technical skills. That technical grounding stood me in good stead when I moved on to courses in other places and in getting the confidence to set up my own studio. I am now working independently from home and get enormous satisfaction from sharing skills and knowledge in one-off workshop sessions which have been a growing part of the work I do."

To find out more about Antonine Silver, you can visit the website, Facebook or Instagram.