Silver and Enamel

Image by Shannon Tofts

My projects journey began at Calton Hill in Edinburgh, exploring the landmarks of the city and skyline. My initial research was documented through charcoal observational drawings and black and white photographs of the surrounding area, monuments and architecture.


Calton Hill and its surrounding area remain a wealthy and conservative part of Edinburgh, the hill monumentally represents the imperial past and rich history of the city. For me personally, this particular part of the city held a lot of significance, my grandparents lived on Royal Terrace, the connecting cobbled street leading up to the Calton observatory. My emotional response to the area was through childhood memories. I wanted my project to convey both my personal narrative and reflect Calton Hill’s rich history.


The inspiration behind my colour palette was associated with Scottish tradition, conservatism and wealth. Geologically Calton Hill, like Edinburgh Castle, is a volcanic extrusion. Its ancient rocks are dark and sinister in tone. The silver, black and blue tones in my collection pull together the history and represent metamorphic rock, such as Lapis Lazuli.


The boxy structure of my pieces is inspired by architectural maps of Calton’s monuments and my wire work reflects the abstract style of my line drawings.


This collection is a reflection of my findings, memories and historic research.

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