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'Pressure Rocks'

Etched Silver and Brass with Red Thread

Image by Shannon Tofts

This project was about place: the place given to me was Blackford Hill.


Last summer, what particularly caught my attention were the great chunks of exposed rock- some faces smooth and weathered, others jagged and sharp, and the broom bushes, the calm soothing pattern of the pods against the frenetic energy of the twigs/leaves. My research brought me home to my place, Arthur’s Seat, and the shapes and forms of my daily walk. This landscape is so familiar to me, it’s my comfort blanket, my worry beads, my meditation. I can map any emotion to something I see on my route and, in my minds eye, move on. 


The making of many of these pieces involved a repetitive, almost meditative process. Sawing multiple straight lines was therapeutic during lockdown. The theme of rocks, picked in a pre-pandemic era, for the outer smooth and inner compressed energy has also served me well during these ‘unprecedented’ months: solidity, stability, energy. The resulting shapes and structures invite touch and contact.


For me, jewellery should entertain more than one sense. 

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