Image by Shannon Tofts

Hutton’s Section

Hutton’s Section, on Salisbury Crags, is where James Hutton found proof for his theory that heat plays an essential role in the rock formation. This collection is a development of my first year’s work: inspired by my local landscape. Walking, I trace the network of paths on the hill where I collect images in my mind, with my camera, pen, and paper. The craggy bulk of Arthur’s Seat- the volcanic pressures that formed it, the shapes of rocks, the appearance of the exposed faces and the splintering and fracturing to boulders lie behind this collection which features striking interrupted lines, and kinetic pieces.

For the last 2 years, I have been attending the SilverHub Jewellery School Foundation course, exposing me to new techniques, and giving me the benefits of being part of a group of jewellers. The support from Lisa and Jess and my classmates have been very important during the lockdown, helping me keep focused on my making, giving me an escape from some of the pressures of the pandemic. This year has helped me develop my approach in pushing and refining an idea and in distilling the essential elements as a piece develops.

With this exhibition, I am launching as a jewellery maker, and my website to promote my work. Watch this space!