Image by Shannon Tofts

Stillness & Movement                


This collection started with a journey on foot between the two Midlothian villages of Carrington and Temple. An undulating, curving way with hedges and walls, bridges over water, stretches of tall upright trees, tips swaying, others with branches reaching across roof-like. The sounds of movement: footsteps accompanied by conversations, the clicking of bicycle hubs, the hum of tyres on tarmac, the rumble and zoom of cars. I retraced my steps by bicycle and once static elements became blurred.


These pieces represent my impressions of the shapes and sounds of my journey.


The One Year Course has enabled me to expand my skills and learn to distil my creativity. SilverHub has encouraged me to push at my comfort zone of design and representation, and to try out new techniques and materials.   When the SilverHub Studio shut in lockdown 2 between January and March 2021 I improved my home workbench and carried on making. But not alone, thanks to Zoom for our group meetings and the one-to-one sessions where ingenuity abounded to solve technical jewellery issues! 


I’m looking at options for further study to take my life as a jeweller and maker to the next stage.  No concrete decision yet but watch this space!