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Images by Rachel Hein Photography and SilverHub Studios

Browse through our gallery to see some of the fantastic work created by our students here at SilverHub Jewellery School.

You will also find some of the fantastic testimonials and reviews from past and current students. 



I absolutely love it here. Lisa is one of the best teachers I've ever had. She really knows her stuff but takes care and time to explain techniques in different ways, so everyone can learn quickly and develop their skills in an encouraging environment. She also makes great cups of tea.

I've learnt more in this short time than I did in 6 years at art school and university (in other subjects), and feel really excited about the potential of making jewellery professionally.


There are some lovely people in the classes and the professional section of SilverHub. I


f you would like to try making a ring or are interested in becoming a professional jeweller, I highly recommend starting here


—  Gen Ryan