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Images by Rachel Hein Photography and SilverHub Studios

Carolyn Kinnaird

Carolyn graduated from Edinburgh College of Art in 2011 with a BA in Design and Applied Arts.


She has since spent time travelling around the world and has just recently returned from Melbourne, Australia where she held a residency at NorthCity4 studios and was an assistant to Melbourne based jewellery designer Vicky Mason.

Her current collection of jewellery combines influences from her travels - particularly through countries such as Peru and Morocco where she fell in love with their traditional jewellery  - with her own contemporary style which she developed largely during her time in Melbourne.

Carolyn's jewellery is predominately metal based, with nuances of colour added in using perspex and other non precious materials. This reflects upon the colourful cultures that have inspired her.


She is currently working on new ways to add colour to her collection through processes such as enamelling and stone setting.