We recently chatted with our studio neighbour at Abbeymount Studios, Shannon Tofts.

Shannon takes photographs for artists and makers, as well as locations around the country of studios, installations, exhibitions and portraits. He is the amazing photographer behind the product shots of last year's foundation course students and we are honoured to have him back again this year!

The work of last year's one-year foundation students Anna and Emily, photographed by Shannon for their end of year exhibition

"It's become an area that I have become well associated with, my family background is in the arts and making so it has been a huge influence on my career. Whether photographing work on simple white backdrops, custom made backdrops or settings, I record all types of 2D and 3D work for website or gallery catalogues."

Shannon also has a set of corporate clients across various sectors: architecture, food, drinks, hospitality and law. Recently he has been filming some videos for a company who develop laser

scanning products for UAVs!

Douglas Fitch Slipware pottery, photographed by Shannon

"I have over 25 years of experience across various sectors of the industry working on small shoots to organising larger productions, project managing print and film projects.
I treat each commission whether big or small with the same passion and energy, I love to share ideas and create images to help promote the client and their product. I firmly believe the value of the image when used effectively is many times more than the initial cost."

Shannon's website has recently been refreshed and will be added to overtime. You can also check out more of his stunning work over on Instagram.